Healthy Sexy Hair
Soy Paste Texture Paste
The powerful combination of Soy and Cocoa works synergistically to perfectly care for your hair. A moisturizing, non-greasy, Soy- based pomade. Apply on dry hair for detailing, texture and separation.

Ounces: 1.8 oz Ingredients: Aqueous Blend of Soy Protein that strengthens and moisturizes Candelilla Wax Thickening agent Beeswax Provides styling control and shine Chamomile Extract A soothing and protecting essential oil Cocoa Extract Helps smooth the hair & conditions
Style Sexy Hair
Frenzy Matte Texturizing Paste
A dry matte texturizing paste that creates messy and wild hairstyles. Frenzy bonds to the hair, thickening the hair shaft to create fullness and separation at the same time. Its firm holding power creates styles with a medium matte finish.

Ounces: 1.8 oz Ingredients: Sucrose Helps retain moisture Cactus Flower Extract Helps retain moisture
Style Sexy Hair
Molding Paste Flexible Sculpting Paste
Helps create sculptable texture with a semishine finish. Adds a little grit to your style while increasing brightness and luminosity. With its long lasting hold, this formula allows hair to be molded into any shape and style while leaving hair pliable enough to be reshaped as needed. Thickens, delivers more density to the hair, increases volume, body and definition.

Ounces: 3.4 oz Ingredients: Lanwax Water repellent, adds slip Beeswax Adds slip